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"Rachel is indeed a breath of fresh air to our industry: she is an actress that realises that acting is far more than just delivering lines on a page"
Clive Curtis - ITV

Rachel works professionally as an actor, voice-over artist and presenter.

She has been a professional for over 14 years and strives to excel with every project she is involved in.

Rachel has worked extensively in television (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky) and feature films, with her work being screened in cinemas worldwide.

Her voice over work has an extra dimension as she tunes into her acting skills, delivering the most appropriate and convincing sound for clients.

Rachel is an educated and bubbly presenter with a strong sales background which ensures her audiences are captivated by the subject she is presenting.

Rachel is London-based but travels locally and internationally, so why not contact Rachel about your film, TV, voiceover or presenting project?

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