Meeting Your Objectivesfor an actor, presenter or model

"Having worked in the industry as an actress for over 20 years working with many talented actors, I can honestly say that working with Rachel on 'The Royal' was an absolute pleasure.   She is hard working, diligent, giving, fun and a genuinely lovely person, whom I'm sure will go far in this business"
Claire King - Actress

Whether you are a well-known producer like Alasdair Flind, a casting director like Jeremy Zimmerman or a new director working hard to succeed like Nick Cardew – a famous brand like Harrods or a small company with a limited budget like Article 10 – you will get the same level of dedication.
You can ask these people: they've all worked with Rachel !

"I'm focused, determined, and bring total dedication to every role. People who work with me always remark on my total dependability ... after all,
If you put your faith in me, you deserve maximum commitment in return !

What Rachel Does


This is Rachel's passion: what she believes in.  She graduated with an Honours degree in Acting from London's Arts Ed drama school, and now works within the film, TV and media sectors.   Whether in a lead, support or featured role, her dedication and continually developing talent means she will get the best from every part she plays.

Modelling and Events

Although these are short assignments, there is no lessening of the need for total professionalism and hard work.   She loves the camera, and can fit in anywhere, being a popular member of any team – and if you need someone with selling skills, she will use charm and energy to win people over and gain their commitment.
She has also managed staff and worked as part of a team : either way she's not afraid of taking on, or sharing, responsibility.

Voice Over

As a professionally trained actress, she clearly understands the importance of voice quality and emotions delivered for voiceovers – she will completely channel herself into the part when recording to make sure listeners really envision the picture, character or product she is promoting.   Her voice is extremely versatile and clients are often surprised at her total dedication and work ethic.

What You Can Do

If you want to employ someone who will give 100% to meeting your professional objectives, click to contact Rachel.